12 March, 2010

Food in America

People in the USA tend to eat really unhealthily. I don't know what part of the culture brings it out, but with diabetes at horrific rates, obesity rampant, and all kinds of health issues on the rise, I am thanking Michelle Obama for launching a healthy eating for kids campaign. For example, in Yahoo!'s article, "Unhealthiest Chicken Dishes in America" the #1 has 2579 calories which could like, last me for two whole freakin' days, and #6 has over 4000 mg of sodium. And the only reason people can get theri hands on this information is that NY and CA regulate and demand companies to diclose their menus. For the rest of the country, its an open road.
And darn that Cheesecake factory. In that article (somewheres) it says that that restaurant (I've never been in one, and never want to step foot in one, either) is becoming the worst place to eat in the USA. UGH! Just let me into the nearest grocery store where I can get an apple.
And Applebees is also pretty bad, let me tell you. I have negative feelings toward Applebees since when I went there and ate some kind of spicy dish, I threw up over four times and felt horrible. The next time I was there, though, I just ordered a nice and normal burger. (Which probably had hundreds of calories, but anyways . . .)

Not much else to say.


Icewolf said...

I've only been to Applebees once and don't remember it well....

***Emily*** said...

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