22 March, 2010


Finally, after a year of debate and aruging, healthcare legislation made it! 219 Yeas, and 212 Noes. We've made history!

Unfortunately, I cannot say that the congressman for my district voted for it. He may be a Democrat, but he didnt vote for it.

ARGH. I feel like throttling that man. Public Option Heroes and people who what the PERFECT bill should have given up and just VOTED FOR THE DARN BILL. Nothing's going to mold it into the ideal bill, so the best they can get is what's out there.

But anyways, healthcare passed! I can't believe it. Take that, John Boehner! (did any of you see that ridiculous pink tie he was wearing a few days ago?)


Obama's Address

Final Vote Results

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Icewolf said...

true, but WE'RE the ones paying for other's abortions, which isn't right. THEY should pay to kill their baby-to-be, not us