03 March, 2010

Maximum Ride Series

If the story is true that Fang is going to die in the next book due sometime this March (called Fang, which worries me) then I have a major bone to pick with James Patterson.


That's one problem I have with thrillers; they're supposed to thrill you, and therein lies the problem, since dramatic plot twists make up the staple of the genre.

So far, the series has been REALLY good, and makes my ultimate favorites list. So does Daniel X, but I'll post about that some other time. I like the whole "Save the World" idea, even if it is a little overblown, since it covers global warming, and I'm all for a book that advocates ways to be green.

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Icewolf said...

Daniel X was sorta okay, not the best. But you're right, if fang dies, i will kill something, as will max.