07 March, 2010


PBS is great, and I'm not exaggerating. Where else can you learn about megavolcanoes and new technology and evolution and history all in the same week? The only thing I don't like about it is PLEDGE WEEK. Talk about annoying. The station here always cuts my two favorite programs during pledge week; NOVA and Nature.
Nova is more science-y, so it focuses more on stuff like how we evolved, geographical formation, volcanoes, ect. Nature, on the other hand, is primarily animals and how they live. (Sheesh, it seems nowadays cameras are being put on animals everywhere. I have nothing wrong with that though, as long as the cameras come off eventually.)
Other favorite PBS programs: National Geographic/NOVA specials, NOVA ScienceNow (funny and informative), Rudy Maxa's World (travel show, and a really good one), Craft in America, (art)
Recently the series Faces of America aired, with Henry Lewis Gates Jr., and that was very interesting. Who would have guessed Mario Batali and H.M. Noor were related? That Eva Longoria and Yo-Yo Ma share a common ancestor? That Elizabeth Lexander is a direct descendant from Charlemagne and related to Steven Colbert? It would have been nice to know Louise Erdrich's history, but I can see her reasons for declining the DNA tests.

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Tay said...

aaawwwe that sucks they cancelled your favorite shows!
I love PBS! but sesame street is my favorite though...LOL
I mean you gotta love the cookie monster <3

Tay, From Fearless Blog & Fearless Photoraphy :)