31 March, 2010

Problems. Anyone out there?

Okay, has anyone else had problems trying to open a window to The Whatnot Melting Pot blog from the "Blogs I follow" list? Because every time I try, it suddenly jumps to a different site, and the word "Done" on lower left hand of the screen flicks through a million different numbers and letters and "Downloading" words. Eesh. I don't want to go to some junky site where I don't know what's going on!! HELP! It's happened before too . . .
I guess it might be the AdSense thing kicking in overdrive and interfering, but I don't know. I'll try again some other time, and see if it continues. Can you guys see the site?


Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...

Oh! My old blog had the SAME EXACT PROBLEM! You see, something I added on the sidebar had spam I didn't know about, so I couldn't even see my own blog! I couldn't delete the thing I added, so I had to delete my blog. I really hope this helps!

The Golden Eagle said...

Hmmm. I don't know that that's going to help me, since the blog I'm trying to access is managed by someone else, and I don't know how to contact her.

I wish I knew how to get around these things.