27 March, 2010


Okaaay, I haven't really done this in a while, so here we go with this again, and hopefully I'll keep it up. :)

Date...March 27, 2010
Starting time...8:05 AM
Mood...Expectatious :)
Outside my window...Sunlight!! And some snow :(
I'm thinking...About Lifeblood. (Prologue in previous post)
I'm reading...Evil Genius. Muahahah!
I'm listening to...nothing
I'm wearing...Jackson Hole sweatshirt, excercise pants
Yesterday, I...went to the doctors and got a shot, waited in my mom's doctor's office while she got a shot.
I'm excited for...TODAY.
I'm sad because...Israel refuses to cooperate
I'm hungry for...writing time
The song stuck inside my head is...the music on the ads by Boeing. (which are REALLY cool, what with all the pictures.)
I want...to run
I love...to read (but you already knew that. :)
I loathe...TWILIGHT
This week, my goal is...to finish at least three books
Did I meet last week's goal?...my last goal was two weeks ago, so OF COURSE.
Ending time...8:10 AM


Now for a change of subject. I feel like blogging about City of Ashes, so here:

Title: City of Ashes
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: 3 out of 5

The good: it is very action-packed, with lots of different aspects. Some of the characters are complex and interesting, and the Clare's style is a quick read. I enjoyed some of the ideas, like the faeries/Nephilim/Clave, and even the "Downworlder" image, which presented what would probably happen is such an "elite" group existed.

The bad: Unfortunately, there is a lot in this section. For one thing, vampires/werewolves are WAY too overused, with many books on those very creatures. For another thing, the romance is driving me nuts. After Clary finds out her, well, boyfriend is her brother, everything begins to fall apart. Simon splits up with her in the end, Jace finally decides just to be a brother while she decides the opposite. And there is too much violence, for another thing. Action is good, to an extent, but when Imogen dies in the end and Isabelle comes much too close to it, it's just too much. Romance is much too overdone as well. Loving her brother that way gets kind of weird and uncomfortable after a while, and I don't think it's about to stop anytime soon, unless they find out they're not really siblings or any other OH MY GOODNESS!! twists, which I don't really like.

Clary herself is not the best character. She's definitely better than Bella, and Jace is better than Edward (can you believe I'm actually saying that? It's just that Edward is so covetous and innocent when he's not, it drives me bonkers) but there are serious faults. She has power, but can she really wield that power? Clary is too tied up in her emotions to see the whole picture, and that's Bella's problem, too. She has more mettle than dear old B. does, but she's very similar when it comes to love. (Love. I'm beginning to wonder if people should make up a new word for teenage infatuation for these very feelings.)

The overall idea is: fair. Not good, not great, fair. Clare uses some interesting ideas, but generally overdoes others. Would I recommend it? That depends. If you like Twilight, yes. If you like action, maybe. If you like a good, strong plot, no. There are better books.

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Memzie said...

I like your Daybook replies. Very neat way to update yourself.

Sounds like a strange affair. I don't think I will read it. Thanks for the review. Very helpful.

Hey, and thanks for following me and for the sympathy. I am feeling a little bit better but I sound like a frog, ribbiting every time I speak.