27 April, 2010


I have reached 20 followers in less than two months! Thanks to all of you for keeping this site running with your comments and feedback on the posts, polls, and reactions. Here is a list of all twenty, and I've included links if I know the blog URL or if it's listed under your name on the list of followers. If I don't have a link to yours and you have a blog, leaving it in a comment would be great!


Just to let you know, this is post #78 and when I reach 100, I will have a contest/giveaway! I still haven't quite figured out the details but there are only 22 posts to go so keep watching!


Icewolf said...

I shall, golden eagle, i very much shall

That Girl in the Pink said...

Congrats! Glad I could be one of them. :)
[I'm Audrey by the way. ;) ]

Memzie said...

Congratulations! I am happy to be a follower!