07 April, 2010

A Book Review, a Note on the Lovely Weather, and Thoughts on Mining

***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, continue at your own risk***

Title: The Sweet Far Thing
Author: Libba Bray
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Gemma Doyle is a headstrong girl living in the later 1800s at Spence Academy for Young Ladies. She has bound the magic to herself, and now is trying to form an alliance with the tribes in them. Kartik is gone, the Rakshana are out to get her powers, and she soon discovers that Circe is not dead yet. Pippa is now turning into a monster, and Gemma has no idea how the magic works or how to properly use it.
The good: well written and amusing, and Libba Bray weaves many things into one complicated plot. The three girls Gemma, Felicity, and Ann are all complex and face their personal challenges that they eventually confront and deal with. Adventure? Certainly, and it springs along throughout the 801 pages. (I do love long books.) The plot is amazing, and there is always a new twist in a vision or from a dropped hint or a betrayal.

The bad: not much, really. The ending was sad; two important characters dead (the good ones, mind you) and Gemma experiences a personal tradgedy because of it. Then, of course, sad ending are all part of a story, so I can't really say it was terrible. It was invigorating, at the least.

Do I recommend this book? Quite. I highly recommend it!!


Not much today, except temperatures reaching the 80s! Warm, definitely, but that probably means thunderstorms later; something I like. :) I ran and walked and sat and read the aforementioned book all afternoon in the sun (privileges from being homeschooled) and the sunset right now is lovely.


Massey energy (and other, for sure) needs to get its act together. Safety violations, etc., and that is totally unacceptable. People die and in the US, people certainly should not be dying in preventable accidents from some corporate carelessness. Clearly, they didn't get their hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars fine with much consideration, since they're still being lackadaisical when it comes ot protecting the miners that work for them. That has to change, and fast.

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