30 April, 2010

Hello, Earthlings

Took a cat out on a leash today. Yes, a cat on a leash. Duster didn't really move around like a dog does exactly, and he did run up and down the driveway with me at the other end of the leash and afraid he was going to pull right out of the halter, but it was fun. :) Maybe he'll get used to it and walk instead of *run*sniff*run*JERK*


So. What do you people plan on doing this weekend? Hmmm? Me, I'm going to write, read, run, walk, and watch New Moon. I am seriously hoping that it will be better than the book, since I thought that the Twilight movie was better than Twilight the book.

-----The Golden Eagle


Hayhay said...

Lol, that sounds like something I would do with my cat, if only she wasn't 15 years old and evil. ;)

Icewolf said...

I didn't like the twilight movie at all. too dark and harmonic if you ask me. bleh.

The Golden Eagle said...

Hayhay: Cats just get evil-er as time goes on, don't they? We have an 8-year-old and he is CRABBY. :P

Icewolf: the Twilight movie wasn't very good. There was more action than in the book and there wasn't as much emphasis on Bella's gooey and mushy thoughts, which I appreciated. That's about all the positive stuff . . .