19 April, 2010

Frogs & Frustration

Hello, everyone.

You know how some things just make you hopeless and insignificant, since you can't do anything about them? Well, I'm an animal-enthusiast, and watching Nature last night really made me sad. And mad. Maybe getting upset about little slimy hoppity creatures is strange to some, but to me it's important . . .

Frogs: The Thin Green Line looked at the decline of frog populations all over the world, caused by BD or by synthetic chemicals, or anything else that is affecting amphibians. Bullfrogs taking over the native species, kitrid rampant and killing frogs worldwide, hormones that we use and flush down out toilets making male frogs turn into females, parasites that make their hosts grow extra and deformed limbs, habitat destruction . . . gosh, what next?

These same situations could show up in humans, and then what? People ignore these things because, after all, they're "just frogs".  They're living, breathing, organisms. So are we. And I don't want a frog-less world anyways, regardless of whether they affect us or not. They're so amazing if you really look at them, and global warming, habitat loss, and other factors are decimating species--we lose so many to extinction every year. We lose hundreds of animals every year, in fact. Those animals are never to studied, examined, and they could possibly even save human lives through the chemicals they produce naturally.

The reason I feel hopeless about the whole thing, is that a lot of people aren't motivated to save little creatures in a rainforest where big companies are building houses and complexes for human benefit. What's the point? they ask. What can a little amphibian in the jungle do? It can do a lot. It's smack in the middle of the food chain, and affect all of the animals around it. Algae grows faster, insects change with the lack of predators, and snakes and others that eat the frogs decline as well. We can't live on a planet with just ourselves--it's just not possible.

Link to Nature Episode

-----The Golden Eagle

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KENZY said...

*cheers* HERE HERE! I Agree completely!! And it's not just with frogs, but with many many other animals in the rainforest too!