12 April, 2010

I have writer's block . . .

Darn. I cannot think of anything to write in P. 1 of Lifeblood! Maybe once I take a walk and ponder one of the main characters (name's Torment) for a bit, I'll come up with a brillante! moment. Then again, perhaps not, and I'll just have to hink up new ways of explaining futuristic computer firewalls . . . *grumbles annoyed-ly*


ANYWAYS, the weather is great, and the next-door neighbor is out with her tractor-mower (whatever it's called) and is mowing like crazy. The people in my neighborhood think mowing is a BIG deal, and--literally--do it almost every day. It's a wonder the grass doesn't keel over from being chopped so much. I find all the whirring and humming and growling and buzzing aggravating. (Y'know, I haven't used the word 'aggravating' in a while. Ha. That was probably the first time this month . . . well, maybe my 2nd/3rd lol)

Has anyone noticed that my blog button is kindly acting up and only displaying a nice, fat X? I dunno what's wrong, but Kenzy's is doing the same thing, and I don't know why . . . perhaps they'll reorganize themselves after a bit. I can always make a new one on My Banner Maker or something like that.
Goodbye, peeps. I shall blog you later (or perhaps tomorrow.)


Memzie said...

I hate writer's block! I believe it exists and authors that say that it doesn't are arrogant fools too proud to admit it.

I hope the spell passes.

Tay in Real Life said...

Ditto! cant stand that feeling!

Icewolf said...

I dunno, a sunny day really helps fill me with writing inspiration. But it happens to me consistently! Btw, I tried to put up your button and it wouldn't work! Sorrys