26 April, 2010

It's Raing, It's Pouring, the Old Cat is Snoring . . .

Well, it certainly is raining.

It's spring. Why can't it rain at night?

And the cat really was snoring.


At least I can manage to write, even if the sentences I come up with overly dramatic and I fail to come with evil plans and plots. Gosh, do you know how hard it is to be in the enemy's mind? I can figure out motives, but plotting . . . well, I need to be a genius and come up with spectacular ideas to murder the good guys. I don't really want to murder the good guys (and girls) and then the evil people have to start going after each other too which, while it is the desired result, culminates in a big snarly mess of nasty people and plans and schemes. Then I have to figure out who the good girls (and guys) are.


The Fellowship of the Whales

Excellent Nature program, folks. (I like WNET.) No dead calves (there is always something dying on Nature, but c'est la vie, I suppose) and the general whale life seemed alright. They're huge, so not many things would want to attack them, it's just their calves. They eat, they mate, they swim, they sleep, and they sing.

-----The Golden Eagle


Icewolf said...

I looooooove rain. danced in it last night

The Golden Eagle said...

Sure, I like rain too (occasionally).

But 2 days in a row gets dull for me. I can't walk outside, I can't run outside, I can't do ANYTHING outside. I'd DIE without being free of ugly green paint for a spell.