13 April, 2010

I've Been Tagged!!

I've been tagged by Breanne at The Whatnot Melting Pot, and the rules are to list 8 books you'd like to live in and why, then tag 8 people. So, here we go . . . (random order)

1. The Looking Glass Wars
I'd love to have Imagination, watch the Millinery, see Wondertropolis, and travel through mirrors.

2. Airborn
I'd love to live on an aerial ship up in the sky and the 1890/1900s atmosphere is great. New things are being invented left and right, and women are finally making a significant mark.

3. The Five Ancestors: Tiger
I love books on China, and this one integrates a lot of the culture, especially the Manchu control over the nation.

4. Eragon
DRAGONS. I love those creatures . . .

5. Lifeblood
All right, this is my own story, but what author wouldn't want to live in their own creation? It's science fiction and very futuristic, so there would be all kinds of amazing technology like lasers and DNA-programmed things.

This is getting harder now . . .

6. The Land of the Unicorns
I haven't really thought about this one in a while since unicorns aren't really my things these days, but this would be a fascination world to live in.

7. Dragonspell
Dragons, o'rants, elves, tumanhofers, and magic.

8. Artemis Fowl
Elves! Underground inhabitants! Technology! Worldwide adventures! Ingenuity and not a bit of genius . . . This is definitely a world I'd want to live in.

Here are the 8 tagged people (if you've been tagged before, sorry!)

1. Memzie
2. Kenzy
3. Icewolf
4. Bleah Briann
5. Shimmer the Cat
6. Jayden Black
7. Elyse
8. Quintessajazz

1 comment:

Memzie said...

Wow! I am the first one on the list. I am very surprised!

Awesome answers by the way! I especially like Lifeblood. I mean, who wouldn't? And it would make writing the story SO much more easier if you could physically be in it.