13 April, 2010

Lack of Writer's Block (yay!) and A View on the Supreme Court (also, a galactic idea)

My writer's block is gone! I now have a new idea for my story, so I really want to get moving on that once I can, but I still have some schoolwork to do, and I did that tag a few hours ago . . . so I think I shall go into the breach once more and battle the writer's block to oblivion! Muahahah!


Based on recent speculation, I suppose I'd like to see Hillary Clinton on the bench, but if she was nominated (and confirmed, which is unlikely due to the conservatives) then she wouldn't be Secretary of State anymore, and who would take her place? Caroline Kennedy might also be in the works, and she'd be interesting too. I think Obama should try to get a liberal through now before the elections come around and there are more Republicans (there probably will be, anyways, since it looks pretty grim for the Democrats right now) because this might be his last chance to get someone he really wants in the Supreme Court.


Wouldn't it be amazing if we found life out in the universe? Intelligent life, that is? Living beings that could communicate and interact and actually talk to us? I think that someday we will find life out in space besides ourselves and the animals on Earth, but that's still a major if. SETI and others are trying to find radio waves that indicate life--but who says they're going to be using radio to talk? Why not some other element of the elctromagnetic spectrum that we haven't even thought about using? It's perfectly possible, but people certainly believe that radio waves with information and communication from the beyond exist; and are heading for us. Finding life out there would be amazing in my opinion, but there would be trouble, certainly. Would they be hostile? Friendly? Welcoming? Violent? Cruel? Domineering? Compassionate? Would they even think even remotely the way we do, with emotions and deeply-rooted beliefs and values? I wish there would be some way to quickly find out if there's life, and if so, what they're like, but that's way in the future, and for now we just have to wait and see . . . . .


Memzie said...

I believe that there is life on other planets. I mean, the universe is too large for there only to be us.
What would be interesting though is if there was another planet with beings exactly like us. That would be bizarre.

I am glad your spell is over with! I hate writer's block.

Icewolf said...

Well, I personally don't. God created the earth and everything, and He didn't mention anything about other planets...But He also never said anything saying that there wasn't.