06 April, 2010

Not-so-good Day and Thoughts on the iPad

Well, today is going mildy bad. For one thing, I had to go to the dentist this morning and get two teeth filled, and now my mouth has a bad taste in it and my jaw was numb for several hours and my gum hurts where the dentist stabbed me with the syringe for the sedative. (or whatever it's called.) And for another thing, I found a dead kitten in the yard, a little gray thing that looks exactly like this female gray cat we call Lady Jane Gray, and that was sad. :( The car might not be fixable, too, to add on to the bad mixture, and I can't seem to get motivated to write anything of importance, but maybe I'll manage to finish a chapter.   

Anyways, hopefully tomorrow will be sunny (it rained hard this morning, even though I don't consider rain to be the bringer of evil :) and maybe Gray will perk up.


So, have any of you seen the new iPad? I haven't (I like Dell, anyhow) and I don't think that it is entirely practical. For one thing, instead of getting this app and that app, why don't you just get a computer laptop or monitor that does it all? Internet, books, chat, webcam, etc., and a computer seems just as carry-able as an iPad. It seems like a beefed-up iPhone with more gadgets and gizmos, and there are certainly plenty of them. I also don't see the point in buying one if you already have an i-phone/pod/Mac or whatever, since it's just another electronic device. Then again, technology is a big industry, and maybe this is just a passing faze that will make way for another, better device.


Memzie said...

That is so true!
I think about the same thing for iPhone. To me, I just want a phone to text and call people, that is why it is called a phone. Not a bunch of gizmos that get in the way of doing what I want to do, which is calling and texting.

Icewolf said...

you keep up with politics i noticed

The Golden Eagle said...

Memzie: true. The phone I have just calls, and that's what I got it for.

Icewolf: Me? Well yeah, I watch the News Hour and Nightly Business Report every night, and I try to stay current.

Icewolf said...

i can't understand politicians...they're confusing...;D