02 April, 2010

Oil Drilling

ARRRRGH. All right, I know it should be put on the table, not just chucked out the window no matter how many other ideas are out there, but I REALLY hope that this is defeated as soon as possible. We don't need oil and gas, we need hydrogen, wind, solar, thermo power, not fossil fuels! And where I am they're planning to start looking for oil, too.

GO AWAY, companies. You may have good ads, Chevron, but I don't like your business.

Alternative energy is what we need, and the government needs to put more money into that, in my opinion. Then again, I suppose we can't just cut off all the oil and gas from other countries and switch over to solar or something. That wouldn't work.

So I guess that drilling--for the shortest amount of time possible--is the only option, for now.


Maryland's Cardin has the right idea.

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