03 April, 2010

Patented Genes

There is a rule that products of nature can not be patented. Therefore, it seems that companies like Myriad should not be able to patent the human genome. It is, however, going on as we speak, and already, 20% of our genes have been patented, making it illegal to isolate certain genes and study them without that companies permission, which, of course, is going to be nearly impossible to come by.
Myriad has recently shown up in court because of this dispute, and their argument is that research-turned-commercialization is the way things are supposed to go, and the other side is arguing that research for the sake of research is what should be happening instead.
In my opinion, I really don't want a company having a patent on what is basically a part of my body, and I agree that research should be done to learn, not make money off of it. But the companies who make up so much of the influence, don't agree with that. Money is, after all, money, and that's what most institutions are after. 


But on a different note, I think I'll point out that EASTER IS ONLY 1 DAY AWAY!!! Okay, so I might not be a fan bunnies and eggs (which, in case no one has noticed, do NOT go together, there should be platypi instead) or candy, for that matter, but Easter usually means SPRING in my book, and it is warm here. My area had record high temperatures last month, the highest since 1979! Of course, if that is a prelude to global warming or a very, very hot summer, than I'm not so enthusiatic.

Anways, not much else occurring. I'll probably watch Prince Caspian (Disney version) tonight, and blog about that tomorrow. Right now, I'm going to go work on my story . . . read the prologue here.


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