06 April, 2010

Prince Caspian

I have to say that this is a good movie, if a bit more morbid than the book. The acting was fine, the music was great, and despite the fact they twisted almost everything around, I liked the plot, too.

One major thing they changed was when Caspian (Ben Barnes) blows Susan's horn. In the book by C. S. Lewis, he blows it right before the battle, but in the movie, he does in the beginning scene. I suppose it worked for the screen, though, since there was more action that way.

They also changed some other things, inlcuding an attack on Miraz's castle where many, many Narnia's die when the Minotaur collapses and leaves them trapped inside. The general then gives the order for the arches to shoot any remaining living thing down in the courtyard, and I found that really, really sad.

There is also a scene where the White Witch is quite nearly resurrected--for lack of a better word--and even Peter (William Moseley) lowers his sword. It's Edmund who stabs her from the back. I was a little surprised that Peter was giving in, since he did try to kill her in the first place. Then again, Edmund I suppose needed his revenge, in a way.

More emphasis is placed on Miraz and Caspian in the movie than the book. Caspian nearly kills Miraz in his bedroom when he finds out that he murdered his father. But even with the vengeance, he still keeps Miraz alive on the battlefield when Peter offers the sword to him. 

Changes are made to final battle as well, along with the way the High King and the Prince come together, the way they managed to eliminate some of Miraz's armies, and the way Lucy (Georgie Henley) finds Aslan, and she doesn't do it alone in the book.

Susan (Anna Popplewell) also falls in love with the Prince in the movie, which I don't know what to make of. It seems kind of strange, but I suppose it works.

Overall, I really liked it. So yes, go watch Prince Caspian!


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I love that movie! BTW i love the new template and backround of your blog!

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