15 April, 2010


Last night, I was watching the News Hour on PBS and they were talking to a Republican about the new budget reform proposed. And then he kept repeating "bailout. bailout. bailout" literally several times. The reason? Because, like other conservatives, he thinks that by saying "government bailout" people will give the Republicans a knee-jerk reaction and start to get riled up over those words.

On the report about Florida, they showed a woman in a protest and she used "Socialism, facism, and Marxism" all in the same sentence. For one thing, these have nothing in common, and for another, that is plain ignorance about the real reform proposed. The guy who was talking in the discussion on the News Hour also refused to acknowledge that what the other person Felix Sammons was NOT talking about bailing the institutions out. He was talking about winding them down so that the market wouldn't collapse like they did two years ago. The conservative didn't respond to that, and instead repeated "bailout. bailout. bailout." when THAT WASN'T WHAT SAMMONS WAS TALKING ABOUT.

Republicans seem to think that people will stay ignorant. They use people's lack of knowledge as a tool for support, actually enforcing the American public's darker side. They never really explain what kind of reform they want; they just yammer "government. government. government" and expect the public to react like a pack of dogs at their master's command. People have a right to push back on government control, but that doesn't mean that they have to react explosively every time the word is used.

News Hour (there's some stuff about Eric Holder, but the discussion comes a few minutes after it starts)

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