08 April, 2010

Starclimber and the Buddha

Title: Starclimber
Author: Kenneth Oppel
Genre: SF/Adventure
Rating: 5 out of 5

Matt Cruse has returned from the high up in the sky, Kate is now presenting her aerozoans, and life is getting to be almost (but not quite) ordinary for the Academy student and the amateur zoologist. Until they are told that a ship is being built by Mr. Lunardi that aims to go into space--before the French finist the Celestial Tower. With Babelites, armed terrorists aiming to stop them, an engagement, and bossy crew members, can they survive?
The good: Excellent, Oppel! This is the final book in a trilogy (I am miserable to see Matt Cruse's adventures end, but maybe he'll write more . . .) The prose is great, the plot is well put together, and the characters are very, very interesting. They keep you guessing at what will happened next, especially Kate de Vries. Oppel infuses the right moments with tension and apprehension, and there are plenty of highly active scenes that keep the reader eager to find out the next event.

The bad: Hmph. Sorry, nothing to say. :)

Do I recommend this book? YES!!!!

Inside flap:

Pilot-in-training Matt Cruse and Kate de Vries, expert on high-altitude life-forms, are invited abourd the Starclimber, a vessel that literally climbs its way into the cosmos. Before they even set foot abaord the ship, catastrophe strikes:
   Kate announces she is engaged--and not to Matt.
   Despite this bombshell, Matt and Kate embark on their journey into space, but soon the ship is surrounded by strange and unsettling life-forms, and the crew is forced to combat devastating mechanical failure. For Matt, Kate, and the entire crew of the Starclimber, what began as an exciting race to the stars has now turned into a battle to save their lives.
   Award-winning and bestselling author Kenneth Oppel brings us back to a rich world of flight and fantasy in this breathtaking sequel to Airborn and Skybreaker.

Did anyone see The Buddha on PBS last night?

Well, if you have or haven't, it was still informative, and I liked the show enough. Unfortunately, PBS just had to bring in Americanized interviews and explanationg like they always do. (Example: This Emotional Life. That was not the best show ever.)
I'm not about to become a Buddhist, mind you. :) It is a very interesting religion in its own right, and the principles that are presented are another view on the world that people adhere to.


Icewolf said...

Oh! I read Darkwing by him, and it's is SO awesome! i looked at Starclimber, not my thing

The Golden Eagle said...

Yeah, I read that book too and thought it was great. :)

Sarah said...

I love Starclimber! I didn't actually like the Darkwing+others series because they usually have sad endings...

This book is my second favourite :D
S a r a h

P.S. thanks for finding my blog, The Golden Eagle. I do have a pretty good bookcase :)