25 May, 2010

Bad Guys aka Antagonists

One way to judge a book is how cunning, ingenious, and plain old evil the antagonist is. If you have a dull enemy, where's the fun in that? People who are evil have to be evil. Cruel, sometimes. Mean. Nasty. They have to have motives, too, not just a blind bashing of their fellow companions.

Take The Mortal Instruments, The Immortals, The Five Ancestors, and Twilight.

In The Mortal Instruments, Valentine is a complex enigma in many ways, and that makes him interesting. You really wonder about what he'd going to do next and what his next plot will be.

In The Immortals (which, by the way, is not one of my favorite series) Roman had a) motive and b) good plots. I mean, no exchange of DNA and the blood transfusion thing? Ingenious.

In The Five Ancestors, Ying has motive. He has a complex past, and there's a reason for his actions. There is more depth than in some antagonists, and it's intertwined with so many other things. (I highly suggest you read these books.)

In Twilight, it's just the opposite. I do not empathize nor sympathize with Bella and dear Mr. Edward Cullen, seeing as I agree with the Volturi. There has to be some kind of law and order in every society, even if that means some methods just don't fit the Oh-So-Romantic-Feel-Bad-For-Bella idea. *shrugs*

What do you think?

-----The Golden Eagle

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