12 May, 2010

Bus Rant


Public transit. So okay, they're suppposedly greener than your average private vehicle, as long as there are other people on the bus. Yesterday, my mom and I went down to the biggest city in the county on a bus, and it was unpleasant.

My mom got carsick, (or bus-sick) I smelled gas, the bus was full of yammering seniors and people from  a workshop, and I couldn't read because then I'd get sick and it was too jostly anyways. And about being green, well, those buses idle a LOT. They sit in front of buildings waiting for people to come out, and while spewing fumes into the air. Now, that's not really what I call clean. They're not clean green mean machines, which is what I wish vehicles were like internationally. *sigh*grumble*glare*

I'm a green girl; I should like buses, but I hate them. Well, maybe not hate. Hate is a strong word. Maybe I just find them unpleasant and horribly noisy on top of everything else.

-----The Golden Eagle

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Icewolf said...

Heh, you should see school buses.