28 May, 2010

Car Crashes

A truck and a car collided at an intersection down the street yesterday. The intersection is quite close to another intersection with a light, and I am assuming that the car took a quick right turn, and the truck started moving forward without noticing it.

The front fender of the truck got all bashed up, but the car fared the worse with the drivers' side door getting completely dented in, one rearview mirror got destroyed, and one of the lights was smashed. There was some debris on the road.

I don't believe anyone was hurt, since the guy in the car shook his head when a woman who called the police asked him if he was, and the man in the truck ran right over. Thankfully.

People need to be more careful when they drive. Cell phone, GPS, etc., all get in the way of focusing on the road and watching where everyone else is going--defensive driving, you know!

-----The Golden Eagle

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