16 May, 2010

Coraline: The Movie

At first I thought I wouldn't like it, since the kind of animation they use is strangely proportioned and I thought it would be better acted out. But once I got used to the type (which didn't take me long) I really liked it! They kept to the plot mostly, and despite adding in Wybie, I think it was a great movie and didn't butcher the book itself. It wasn't like The Secrets of NIMH which really really was bad, or Eragon, where they remade the story, or most other movies made out of books. I think they kept the original feel of Coraline, and I liked the creepiness. But Miss Forcible and Miss Spink . . . *shudders* They were weird. I didn't especially like that part of the movie, but I guess strange was what they were aiming for. :P

-----The Golden Eagle


Anonymous said...

I watched this movie in a dark hotel room..*Shivers* It was chillingly fantastic!

KENZY said...

I loved this movie! The very first part, where the evil lady person is making the doll, was my favourite part. And Dakota Fanning.... well, she's my favourite actress of all time.

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