07 May, 2010

Health, Dreams, and Britain's Politics (Britain wasn't in the dream)

There's this thing in my town called Around *X*X*X*X*X* (sorry. If you Googled it you might get the place where I live) and it's where you walk tracking your steps and miles with a pedometer, and then your distance logged in at the end of the week. You drop off a little sheet of paper that says how far you went in the last week, and then those slips of paper are drawn each week in a raffle-type-thing-y. AKA prizes! I'm not too crazy about that part, since I don't know what the heck they are, so I'm just enthusiastic about the walking part of it. Now a little blue device is strapped to my waistband, and there it will stay until the end of the day. (Gee, that rhymed.) HOPEFULLY people will participate, and get moving! It's the whole point, anyways . . .


On a different note:

I had a dream . . .

That I designed my own city! It was environmetally friendly, with clean, fresh air, plenty of parks with people laughing and talking, dogs (and cats!) on leashes walking around, completely green cars that thrummed as they passed, shiny new building that were maybe 20+ stories yet didn't pollute, and I was the main person behind it all . . .

It would have been bliss except for the fact I was arrested be a malevolent group of terrorists. =P I was thrown into this black (but clean and non-pollutive!) sedan and taken somewhere, and then my alarm went off and I shot up, ready to bean in their heads. Just JK. :P Not quite the perfect metropolis, but better than some . . .


Link to election results:
Britain's Election Results

Gordon Brown came in second! SECOND. Well, the people voted, and I'm not all that perturbed. So the government might shift away from Labour. *blinks* Cameron, the person who came in ahead, seems willing enough to comply with the USA, and even if Clegg's perspective dominated, we can't dominate other countries. At least, we shouldn't.

I wish that they hadn't broadcasted Gordon Brown's comment that that person was a "bigoted woman". It was a personal comment to an aide, and it should not have been publicized. Surely the news corporation could have switched off the stupid mike before it did any damage. Plenty of people insult other when in private--or in place where it should be private. We all vent occasionally. (Admit it!) Brown's having a tough time, and he was stressed. I'm not completely defending him, but I think that keeping it private would have been the best idea.

That's all for now. =)

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-----The Golden Eagle

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