24 May, 2010

Monday Again*

Temperature: warm. My attitude: mild. Writing influences: melting. Telekinetic powers: frozen.


Anyways, not much happened today. I didn't get any calls at 4:55 AM (it happened on Saturday night and it REALLY pissed me off seeing as I did not know the caller; it's illegal to randomly call people, you know!) on my cell, Mom's off at work, I did most of my schoolwork already, went to the library, got out a book that I now regret having done so since it sucks but I hate stopping in the middle of novels, and I have a cat sleeping on the keyboard shelf on the desk.


I hate people who go around as anonymous. If you can't say it with your name, don't say it at all! For exapmle, people call random numbers and then hang up, and they think it's funny. Amusing. Trifling.

Well, it's NOT.

1. It's illegal.
2. It's annoying.
3. It's sick.
4. It's disrupting, especially at 4:55 AM on a Saturday night.

So don't do it. I don't appreciate it, you don't appreciate it, so SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP ALREADY.

Rant, I know, but I don't like being called when I'm sleeping! I want to sleep! And I want the phone's ringtone to be audible in case there's an emergency, but I don't want it to be waking me up for no reason.

*BTW, what do you think of my new profile image? Do you like the one with the blue background better?

-----The Golden Eagle


Icewolf said...

I like the pic. My monday wasn't so great either. Feh. :P

Memzie said...

I love the background! It is awesome!

Oh, I hate it when that happens! It is SO ridiculously annoying AND immature!

Memzie said...

Oh, by the way, thanks for the lovely comment.