15 May, 2010

Neil Gaiman & Book Miscellany

Neil Gaiman is definitely one of my favorite authors. I've read many of his books, and one of his short stories; Coraline, The Graveyard Book, and the short story was called How to Talk to Girls At Parties. (It was a bit strange, but that's SF for you.) I've read more than that, I know, but I can't think of anything right off of the top of my head. :P I like his style of writing, and I like the storylines that he comes up with. If you're wondering why I'm talking about him, it's because I took out the DVD of Coraline (I have yet to watch it) and now he's on my mind.


I wonder where modern literature is going these days. It used to be Alice in Wonderland that kids read, and now it's books like City of Bones and Twilight. I hate all of the abovementioned three. I don't see the draw in hopeless love triangles, werewolves, vampires, mad people, and teenage infatuation.

I also don't see the draw in reading about high school and a bunch of kids making loads of bad decisions. I've read books where it's middle.high schoolers and they're freaking out about the strangest things. Like clothing. Who's going to remember what you wore when you've got a job ten years from now? Who's going to care in a while whether or not you wore makeup in that way once you go to college? Chick/pink lit is just not my thing.

Anyways, I can't really come up with many examples (TTYL is one) of bad literature since I try to stay away from it.


I think that people should read more books like Sunrise Over Fallujah, (I'm reading it now, and it's excellent) Airborn, (the prose is good, it's amusing, and it's adventurous) Maximum Ride (there's a strong global warming theme in there, along with responsible living and taking care of the planet) Darkwing, (it explores the evolution of bats and how one creature had the ability to fly while his counterparts did not, therefore being an outcast) The Land, (racism in the 1870s, and how a boy with a white father/black mother tries to survive in a segregated world) Cracker, (the Vietnam War and part of it's through a dog's perspective) Sammy Keyes, (mystery series with a smart, strong female character) and that's the end of my recommendations for the day.

-----The Golden Eagle

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