02 May, 2010

New Moon: Movie

I suppose that in order to truly enjoy these movies, you have to revel in The Twilight Saga itself. Which I don't.

The good: I thought the wolves were good. I liked watching the wolves run about and even the people phasing was interesting in itself. The animation, anyways. And I liked the way they did Volterra and the Volturi, even though it is supposed to be a very bad city. Taylor Lautner was an OK Jacob, and I think he made a reasonable interpretation of the person in the book.

The bad: I think that Robert Pattinson does a bad Edward Cullen. I think his voice is all wrong, his looks are wrong, and I don't see why girls are all so ga-ga and etc. Kristen Stewart I don't mind, since she doesn't come across as so very gullible and mushy as Bella does in the book, but I do think that they perhaps exaggerated her spell of craziness in Port Angeles. I guess they figured it was an easier way to factor in motorcycles, but really--you'd have to be extremely reckless and suicidal to do what Bella did in the movie.

My rating: *sigh* 2.5 out of 5. Half-and-half. I thought the Jacob/werewolves/Quileute was good, but, like in the book, I did not like the way Edward comes back in the end and ruins what might have turned out to be a fairly reasonable relationship between Bella and Jacob.

Recommendation? Not really. Unless you're really, as I said before, enthralled with the books or just want to see some werewolves.

-----The Golden Eagle


Liberty said...

They ruined the book. Like seriously. The time is messed up, they butchered the eyes thing... v.v

Yes, I'm picky. How did you tell? LOL

I agree with you about Pattinson. I don't think he makes a good Edward, but a lot of that probably has to do with the way they have Edward written.

I did like the phase effect in New Moon. I think they did a good job. And the Volturi were awesome, yes, even though they're bad, they're awesome. (Besides, we've all got to have law and order, right?)

Icewolf said...

OMCN! I totally agree! One time, I said to my mom as we were watching Twilight "You know, Bella can act...just not when she's speaking"

Edward is horrible! And I think Jacob should be more joking and happy in New Moon as he was in the book. New Moon is my favorite book in Twilight (and that's not saying much) and they KILLED it. Feh.

I only went to see the werewolves running across the screen. Not many of those parts either. :(