31 May, 2010

Parade & How Monopoly Saved 10,000 Allied POWs

There's a parade going past the house right now, for the second time within the hour. It's a group of local organizations, the fire department, and a school band. Since the town is small, the parade was shorter than I've seen before, but it was still in the Memorial Day spirit.


In an article in a local newspaper, I found out that maps, compasses, money, and other necessities were hidden in Monopoloy games and distributed out to Allied forces in Europe during WWII, rescuing thousands. In 1941, they needed an alternative to paper maps which were noisy and bulky. They then used silk, and the company that made the specified silk maps was also the distributor of the popular American game Monopoly. They tucked things away into the playing pieces, and the rigged boards were marked with little red dots on the game's squares. According the article, a total of 35,000 Allied POWs were rescued during WWII, and an estimated one-third were assisted by these rigged Monopoly games.

Isn't that cool? The information was only declassified in 2007, since Great Britian wanted to keep things secret in case they needed to use the method again in a future war. The employees of the company that made Monopoly and the soldiers were honored when the government allowed the story to go public.

-----The Golden Eagle


Memzie said...

That is SO cool! Thanks for sharing!

Milli said...

Cool! I Love monopoly:D It's a really fun game.

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