10 May, 2010

Sucks to Be Me by Kimberly Pauley

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Title: Sucks to Be Me
Author: Kimberly Pauley
Genre: Vampires (they pretty much have their own category)
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

The good: Mina Hamilton does not freak when she finds out her friend is in love with her crush. She does not go crazy when she finds out that her parents are forcing her to make a decision. (Okay, maybe a little, but not that much) She does not go nuts, or mad, or crazy, and since she stays pretty down-to-earth most of the time, that sort of boosted my confidence in the plot. I also liked Mina's voice, which I thought was fairly original, and the a) b) c) lists were funny. I liked the conflict between family/friends since it seemed to be fairly realistic.

The bad: The plot, if it had had a weaker and less-likeable character, would have been bad. Not really bad, but not good, either. It's simple, and there are a few things that I wish the author had put more light on. Like the Black Talons, and some of the Council's methods. I also found the presentation of Samson a bit . . . off center. Sure, the military is not the most cheeful place, but that doesn't make them cold, stony, and villainous freaks.

Do I recommend this book? Not particularly. I took out this book to see if this presentation of vampires was as bad as some others, (and because the library didn't have anything else that really caught my eye) and I found that it was ho-hum. If you like vampires, then it's a go, but if not, and if plot is a main aspect of a story in your view, not really.

-----The Golden Eagle

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