09 May, 2010


Right now, I have a cat sitting on my arm. She's purring away, and, despite the fact I don't usually appreciate cats sitting on any part of me, I like it.
Cat: *rub rub rub* Why aren't you petting me, human? C'mon . . . ah! Claws seem to do the trick, now if I just poke here
Me: *YOW!* Why are you abusing me, kitty? I give you a home, and food, and a place to sleep. (Not to mention a litter box.) You could be outside in the wind and snow (yeah, it's snowing) but NO! You're inside because of OUR compassion.
Cat: I deserve better. *sniffs*
Me: *noncommital grunt*


Dum da dum dum . . . I didn't really do a whole lot yesterday besides write (I'd post some, but there are copiers and snatchers and illegal people out there), watch Eragon (the movie rocks, BTW, despite the fact they changed the whole plot. :P), and read. I also walked over a mile and jumped on a trampoline for a while, along with watch my mom move around boxes, but that's all. The ideal relaxed and calm Saturday. The neighbor was gone, too, so I could be noisy and turn up the volume on the TV when I watched the movie, and practice piano. (She's fussy.)


This is my 96th post! Only four more to go until I reach 100!!! I have decided what to do, and here's a hint: it's like a tag, but not completely.

Some hint, huh? I couldn't think of anything more poetic. :P

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