21 May, 2010

TGDB, A Book Review, and Some Thoughts On Washington

Date...May 21st, 2010
Starting time...7:11 AM
Mood...dunno. i had some wacky dreams last night, the neighbor was noisy, and yesterday was strangely tense so maybe . . . bristly?
Outside my window...Clouds clouds clouds
I'm thinking...about the neighbor and hoping that she leaves for the weekend. Like NOW.
I'm reading...City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
I'm listening to...the computer which is being really slow this morning
I'm wearing...blue capris and greeen tee-shirt
Yesterday, I...waited for my mom to get back from a job thing from which she GOT A JOB
I'm excited for...nothing
I'm sad because...of things that happened in the past
I'm hungry for...nothing
The song stuck inside my head is...Er, I don't listen to songs all that much
I want...for the car to get fixed, which seems entirely unlikely at the moment
I love...skunks. I was thinking about them this morning earlier
I loathe...loose dogs
This week, my goal is...dunno. Try to focus on WWI?
Did I meet last week's goal?...Yes. Sort of.
Ending time...7:17


Title: Shift
Author: Jennifer Bradbury
Genre: Self-understanding? Mystery? I don't know . . .
Rating: 4 out of 5
Cover Rating: 4 out of 5. I love the yellow and black!

The good: Excellent plot and I like the way the parts of Christopher's life were interspersed with the story of what happened on the bike ride. His voice seemed original and the perspective was interesting to read. His path to finding himself was rough, but the ending worked well and I liked it. Some parts were funny, others a little disturbing, some were like "WHAT!?" and others were just great. :) At first I thought there would be drugs or drinking or some other kind of objectionable stuff in this book because the front gave so little information, but there wasn't. Thank you Bradbury!

The bad: Not much. Mild language, but that's about it.

Do I recommend this book? Yes!

Inside flap:

Imagine you and your best friend head oout West on a cross-country bike trek.

Imagine that the two of you get into a fight--and stop riding together

Imagine you reach Seattle, go bak home, start college.

Imagine you think your former best friend does too.

Imagine he doesn't.

Imagine your world shifting . . .


I can't believe that the Republicans are gaining momentum! For one thing, Bush was a Republican. And who is responsible for the massive debt that America owes? Him and his administration. He lowered taxes for the wealthy, promoted oil, and made some really bad decisions. And now the Republicans are actually starting to take over incumbents and Democrats! The Democrats are trying to get things done and the Republicans just sitting on their hands, stalling, and holding up reform policies. Now, how does that work? People asked for CHANGE and they got it. Democrats are trying to CHANGE things but now America is clamoring for the party that refuses to change?

And the Tea Partiers; what do they stand for? Democrats stand for certain things like unions, spending (we all know that), and the Republicans are against regulations and spending, but what do the Tea Partiers stand for? Hmmm? A party should stand for something if it's going to exist.

-----The Golden Eagle

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