06 May, 2010

Thoughts on Terror and the War in Afghanistan

DYK that Osama bin Laden has (or had) 52 siblings!? He was the 17th of them. No wonder he has problems. -_-

Ahem. Right.

But really; why do people get such extremist ideas? I can see the drive to die during an explosion and then gaining a place in Heaven or something, but what do people who are basically wanna-be terrorists gain from getting arrested and put on trial? I know wanna-be is a strange term for a person like the bomber at Times Square, but that's what some are saying he was, since in the Taliban message, they never actually mentioned New York, nor did the message have the logo that they typically use for attacks. The man said that he was trained in Waziristan, but if he was, why did he use the wrong type of fertilizer to make the bomb smoke instead of explode? Thank goodness that it wasn't a functioning bomb, but if he was supposedly knew about what he was doing, then why didn't it work?


About Afghanistan. I think that we should stay there until we're finished routing out the Taliban and until relative security has been implemented so that the populace does not have to worry about getting blown up when they're doing their daily shopping. The people living there can't just hold themselves up after leaning on US shoulders for so long, and since we abandoned them before, I don't think we should do it again; we're Americans! They depend on us, and besides, the al-Qaeda have said that "time is on their side" and if we withdraw now, won't that prove them right? And after 8 years, what will we have gained from occupying the country if we give up now?
Keep the troops there! Do whatever you have to do to get us out and get rid of the Taliban (or at least scatter them into incapability) as fast as possible, McChrystal, but let's not waste many long years of fighting, shall we?

-----The Golden Eagle

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Liberty said...

The recent bomber is another in a line of ineffective bombers- the "Underwear Bomber" and his ilk. ^.^ They make me laugh.

But anyway...

I am of the opinion that we never should have gone into Afghanistan in the first place. It was idiotic to do so. But, you're right in that now that we've created a mess, completely ruined their country and infrastructure, all in the name of keeping them safe/free/our oil and opium supplies cheap, we do need to finish up. Of course...one problem with that is that our goal is extraordinarily elusive.

Several weeks after the invasion of Afghanistan, it was the opinion of most commentators and the like that the Taliban was gone. Officials said so. Wait a few months, and voila! Taliban insurgents, protecting their homes fiercely. This shows me that a force such as the Taliban, especially when people are motivated to sign up not just because of abstract concepts like "god" but instead by home and family, will never go away. We will, in effect, never stop fighting it. It will merely get stronger the longer we are there. (I would also like to say, in the original Taliban's defense- they did bring a lot of stability to a region that had formerly been extraordinarily chaotic. Warlords fighting, etc. etc....the Taliban really did away with a lot of that. I do think some of the stuff they did after was a bit dumb, and they weren't exactly the best rulers as they wanted a Muslim caliphate and not a viable nation, but hey, you have to give them some sort of credit for keeping the country together. :P )

So anyway...can you tell this is one of those issues I'm ardent about? LOL