04 May, 2010

Thunder! And Lightning! and Dragons! Oh JOY!

Yup, there's a thunderstorm going on right now. :D Dark clouds just rolled over while I was outside reading, and now RUUUUMBLE is the sound every minute or so. There are a few flashes, but not that many. At least it's cooled down, now.


Eldest is a great book. (I'm rereading right now, since I kinda forgot like half of it. lol.) But dragons are awesome no matter where they are. :) The movie of Eragon I thought was pretty good, despite the fact their changed a whole lot of it. Plot, appearances, etc. But it was MUCH better than Twilight or something like that. :P

The only problem I have with the Inheritance Cycle is that Eragon falls in love with Arya. I like Arya as a character, but please. She's 100 years old, and he's 16! He might be immortal (technically) but must he pursue an ancient elf? *sigh*


I have absolutely no writer's block at the moment! I wrote almost (but not quite) 2000 words yesterday, and today I did over 500 and edited and revised several pages. :) Ideas are streaming by, and the schoolbooks (yes, schoolbooks) I'm currently reading are helping with the plot!

I just love days like this. :) :)

(That kinda went off on a tangent, didn't it? But hey, I felt like posting!)

-----The Golden Eagle


That Girl in the Pink said...

I'm jealous of your non-writer's-block!!! That's really impressive and awesome. :D

Icewolf said...

I liked Eragon, but the series just sorta got boring. he lost his gripping writing skill if you ask me. I didn't even read Brinsinger. Feh.