19 May, 2010

The Spell Book of Listen Taylor - Jaclyn Moriarty

Title: The Spell Book of Listen Taylor
Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
Genre: Mystery/Fiction
Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Cover Rating: 3. Not terrific, since I think that there's too much green and that the clothes are weird. The high heel is a bit much, too.

The good: The play on words was interesting, and the mystery part was all right. I like some of the jumpy plot in the beginning, and some of the aspirations of the characters were okay.

The bad: Oh, is there anything we haven't gone crazy over, yet? Ah! There is! Let's make the world as complicated and as wacky as possible.


For one thing, there was all too much going around and cheating on other people. Marbie has an affair with the aeronautical enginner (his name is never revealed) Listen gets into a huge mess of a social//psychological problem, and there are a million breakups. Divorces, dumpings, divisions, you name it. And it's all because of this spell book, but from the way it's presented, you can't be really sure that the spell book does it all. Things are just so random it's impossible to figure anything out. At first, it was okay, since I didn't really know what was going on :P but as the book progressed it just got strange. And strange-er. And strange-est.

Do I recommend this book? Not particularly. If you want a whole lot of randomness and discombobulation and wacky people, then this is the book for you, but if you're looking for down-to-earth sanity and reason . . . sorry, but no.


Pizza tonight!

Sorry, I just had to broadcast that point. :) I loove homemade pizza, don't you? I highly suggest you try it out. Just get yeast, flour (whole wheat white) and warm water, mix it together, let rise. Take out around an hour later, stir, (this is called the sponge stage) add olive oil, two eggs, tablespoon or so of honey, mix, add flour to make dough. Pound it. Punch it. Take out your aggressions on that hard-at-work yeast. Let rise some more for around another hour. Take out the dough. Punch it down, or "deflate" it, as some say. (My mom does.) Spread it out. Let it rise some more. Bake for around 15 minutes, and get cheese and sauce and whatever out. Put it on the bread. Put it back into the oven, and let it bake for around 10 minutes. Devour like a savage. (Or you can leave that part out, if you so desire . . . LOL.)


I am having trouble writing fighting scenes! Usually it's the diplomatic and calmer conversations that are difficult, but now it's the conflict. *glares* Figuring out craft formations and ship positions and shuttle ports and Navy ranks and Air Force weaponry and Army tactics and Marine strategies is hard. People in the military only have to worry about their own branch; me, I have to run the whole freakin' system! And the infrastructure! And the upper-class! And the lower-class! And the genetically-engineered geniuses and the genetically-engineered pompous-brats!

AAAHHH! *flails* as Kristin Cashore might say (she's the author of some of my favorite books EVER). (http://kristincashore.blogspot.com/)

But anyways, I'll figure it out lol.

-----The Golden Eagle

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