20 June, 2010

[Great title goes here]

Normally I can think of something, but I'm feeling a little blank right now.

So today is Father's Day, and I am seeing a lot of posts about it on my Dahsboard. :) Me, I personally don't have anyone to honor today, seeing as I live with my mom and that's it . . . I was adopted and have absolutely no idea who my bios were. *shrugs* I really haven't known anything else besides my mom, so it doesn't matter to me.


A writing update:

June 18th: 0

June 19th: 1414

June 20th: 468

Notice the big fat "0"? That's because my mom and I went elsewhere that day . . . but on the plus side I have reached over 30000 words! 30302, according to Word. I am ten days ahead of the deadline! :)


Tis hot today. Thunderstorms last night. Roasted yesterday, and I pity the people who are running a car show down the road. :P

Decided to reread LOTR. Why? Because I forgot most of the plot, LOL. My mom and I read it together when I was 8 or so, and most of it's slipped my memory, although I do recall some scenes. It's not disappointing so far. :)

Drink water, stay cool, and have a great Father's Day everyone!

-----The Golden Eagle


Caroline said...

30,302 words???!!!! Holy cow! Wow. You rock!!XD

laughingwolf said...

have an award for you on my page :)

paul said...

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The Golden Eagle said...

Caroline: thanks!

Laughingwolf: thank you for awarding me!!