12 June, 2010

I told you I'd be reviewing, so here are two Book Reviews:

First one:

maximum ride: the angel experiment

Title: Maximum Ride
Author: James Patterson
Genre: YA Paranormal/Adventure (I guess)
Page Count: 432 (yay! I love long books)
Rating: 5 out of 5
Cover Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Inside flap:

Do not put this book down. I'm dead serious--your life could depend on it. I'm risking everything by telling you--but you need to know.

Strap yourself in for the thrill ride you'll want to take again and again! From Death Valley, California, to the bowels of the New York City subway system, you're about to take off on a heart-stopping adventure that will blow you away . . .

Your faithful companions: Mas, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel. Six kids who are pretty normal in most ways--except that they're 98 percent human, 2 percent bird. They grew up in a lab, living like rats in cages, but now they're free. Aside, of course, from the fact they're prime prey for Erasers--wicked, wolflike creatures with a taste for flying humans.

The missions: Rescue Angel from malicious mutants. Infiltrate a secret facility to track down the flock's missing parents. Scavenge for sustenance. Get revenge on an evil traitor. And save the world. If there's time.

Thriller-writing sensation James Patterson, auther of the #1 New York Times bestseller When the Wind Blows, invites you on a quest full of nonstop action, adrenaline, mystery, and suspense. Want to come along for the ride?

The good: Okay, okay, I LOVE this book. Really, it's one of my favorites. Max is a strong female protagonist, she's savvy, she's sarcastic, (I love sarcasm in books) and she knows how to fight. Some people say that the fight scenes are repetitive, but I don't really think so. The antagonists are smart, genetically-enhanced, and strong, so it keeps up the suspense throughout. And these kids fly, in case you didn't get that before, which ads a whole new dynamic to the usual ran-away-from-home idea.

The rest of the Flock is interesting as well. Their talents crop up throughout the series, and I have to say, besides Max, Iggy and Angel are probably some of my favorite characters beyond Maximum Ride.

The bad: Ummm, nothing? A reference here and there, but nothing really bad.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely! :D

And the second review:

Title: Bittersweet
Author: Drew Lamm
Genre: what do you call this? Realism?
Page Count: 214
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Cover Rating: 5 out of 5. The first time I saw it I really liked the side of it, although I didn't take it out of the library immediately, which was a mistake. The front is amazing! :)

Inside flap:

Taylor Rose has always felt most alive with a sketchbook or a paintbrush in her hand. Brought up in her grandmother's steady embrace, she had flourished as an artist. But after Grams is struck by an illness, Taylor's secure and vibrant world dissolves into chaos and uncertainty.
   Suddenly, Taylor is unable to tap into her creative spirirt or cope with the challenge of living life in the face of such tremendous loss. Adding to her sense of confusion are her changing emotions toward Mike, whom she has always despised but now feels drawn to, and Bears, the boy next door who used to be her best friend. With her world turned upside down and without Grams's steadying hand, Taylor fears she'll never be able to bring brush to canvas again. She will have to struggle to stay true to her heart, her art, and who she is.
  Drew Lamm takes a poignant, edgy look at the life of a girl working through her grief and learning to reconnect with other--and herself--in unexpected ways.

The good: I loved this book! The style was excellent, Taylor was a relatively strong protagonist, and the other characters were interesting. It was sad all the way through, but happy in places and had an uplifting end. The other characters had their own little stories along with hers, and Grams, although she never speaks in the time frame of the book except in fragments from the past, is a person I wish I could have heard more of. I probably would have been amused. :)

The bad: Nothing that really sticks out, except for the boy-next-door theme which I think is a little overused at this point. It was well-written, however, which mitigates somewhat the familiarity of the plot. I'm not going to tell you how it ends; you've got to read it yourself.

Do I recommend this book? Yes!


Two satisfactory novels. :) A good day indeed.

-----The Golden Eagle


Milli said...

I'm so glad it was good! I've had this on my bookshelf for weeks, but I was not so sure whether I should read it or not.

Icewolf said...

I love the first four books of the Max Ride series, but the others are just plain disappointing, i think.

The Golden Eagle said...

Yeah, I just re-read MAX and I was kinda of like PATTERSON? You there? What's with the all Fang mush and gush? Okay, I little romance, but not THAT much. I liked the radiation idea, however.