30 June, 2010

iThink . . .

. . . that iPods, iPads, i-you-name-its are beginning to take over the iWorld. You see it everywhere: iBlog, iMap, and iPeople are always reusing it for other iThings. iPersonally think that iThings can be used without overusing the iLogo, but it is getting on my nerves, just an iLittle. iMean, how much longer can this iThing go on? Doesn't this excessive use just get iAnnoying? Apple should have iCopyrighted it, so that iPeople don't go around throwing it into every iThing.


I also think that the weather is BEAUTIFUL today. It feels like fall (my favorite season out of them all), with the almost chilly wind, the bright (and I do mean BRIGHT) blue skies, the puffy little white clouds . . . heaven, I tell you! Except the leaves aren't turning gold and orange yet. I'd be worried if they were, though. :P And it's cool, too! Both literally temperature-wise, and slang-wise. I can even run without overheating. :)

-----The Golden Eagle

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