06 June, 2010


Apparently, control has been snatched from me and it's now up to YOU AWESOME PEOPLE to make the difference. Bleah Briann (I've posted about her blog before) needs 100 FOLLOWERS by JUNE 21ST. So she's asking her followers (and I'm in there) to GET HER THOSE FOLLOWERS. This means YOU. Follow her blog ~With Love and Kisses~ and COMMENT with the mention that I'm the one who led you to her blog. As an INCENTIVE she's offering AWARDS TO ALL WHO FOLLOW HER. And me, if I can manage to scrape up the most new ones. Hey, we can't all be totally selfless . . . lol jk. This has to be done by JUNE 21ST as mentioned above, so go follow and mention me!

Now, let's see if we can do this thing, everyone!!!

(Hehe, could you tell I'm in CAPS-y mood?)

-----The Golden Eagle

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