27 June, 2010

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship

I watched The Fellowship of the Ring last night, and it was amazing! I'd never seen it before (yes, yes, where've I been, you say), and I'd have to say the creepiest were the Uruk-Hai, (especially their leader) but Saruman was pretty sinister . . . anyways, if you haven't seen this before (like me, just two days ago), you should at least check it out!

They changed several things, like cutting out Tom Bombadil (which I kinda wanted to see) but the hobbits . . . they just cracked me up, even when it wasn't completely supposed to be funny. Especially Pippin and Merry; they're hilarious. Gandalf was good, Aragorn was a bit scruffier than I orginally pictured him, Boromir was very accurate, and Frodo was great. I recognized his voice at first, but I didn't make the connection with Happy Feet until I looked the guy up. Legloas . . . sorry, Mr. Elf, but you do kinda share traits with Barbie. Y'know, the braided blond hair and all. Gimli was as brusque as in the book.

I did like the way they made Arwen a more central character. In the book she's more of Elrond's daughter and that's about it; but in the movie, she's right there getting chased by the Nazgul and finding Aragorn in the woods. The sword at his throat? Awesome, girl.

I rate this movie: 4.5 stars

-----The Golden Eagle


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Hey! I have NEVER seen lord of the rings... I know I know I know, I really wanna, but my mom doesn't like it and neither do any of my friends so I haven't had the opportunity. I need to find a way.

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

The Golden Eagle said...

Try your library and check the DVDs, if they have any. That's where I found my copy. :)

RA said...

I looove LOTR. Both the book and he films. But I must admit, that the book is better. In the film they cut so much fun campfire talk and such. Kinda changes the nature of the Hobbits, eh?

laughingwolf said...

i found the trilogy most pleasing :)

Memzie said...

Wow! This is quite shocking to me. I don't know a single person that I know that hasn't seen the movies until now.

I like both the movies and the books for separate reasons.
I think if you separate the movies from the books, they are really good movies even if they don't follow the books to the T. I think Peter Jackson did a fantastic job.

The Golden Eagle said...

RA: they did cut out a lot of stuff. Some of it was important to the plot, too, but I guess it was getting too long. The hobbits did seem a little different from the book to me, too. Not bad, just not exactly like the book.

Laughingwolf: indeed. :)

Memzie: I agree that Peter Jackson did a good job. :) Too bad LOTR didn't get as much attention as HP or Twilight; they deserve it, in my opinion.

Caroline said...

You hadn't seen LoTR????!!!! *calms self*. Haha:). Actually, my family (we're all ringies) is going back and having our "annual viewing" of the trilogy...still on the first oneXD