13 June, 2010

Movie Review: City of Ember

Title: City of Ember

My Rating: 4 out of 5

The good: I thought this movie was surprisingly good. I thought the person who played Doon Harrow might be a little too old for the part at first (he's something like 25 right now) but I don't think it was actually that bad once I got used to it. The girl who played Lina Mayfleet was good, and I think she accurately depicted Lina as I thought of her in the book.

There was a lot of action, especially in the generator, (which, by the way, does NOT happen in the book that I can remember; but me remembering detailed plots is something you really shouldn't stake your money on :P) which I liked, since for a movie, it fit the atmosphere.

The bad: Hmmm. Not much, really, except for the representation of the star-nosed mole. They're cute when they're not out to eat you! And besides, they don't eat people. They're tiny!

Do I recommend watching his movie? Sure. I think it's good, but I do suggest reading the books first, since some things they sort of gloss over.

-----The Golden Eagle


Cori said...

I loved that movie.
You have been awarded on my blog, so come on over to clame it.
Thanks :)

Milli said...

Oh. My. Awesome. There's a movie???!!