10 June, 2010

Quizzy quizzy!

Thank you, Shimmer the Cat! It's been a while since I last read Warriors. I hope I can remember enough to answers these accurately:

Welcome! You are a kit. What is your name and who are your parents/siblings?
My fabulous name (haha jk) is Icepaw. I think's that's right, since I'm a kit . . . or maybe it's something else . . . darn, I hate it when I can't remember things. ANYWAYS, my siblings are Emberpaw, Tigerpaw, and Silverpaw.
Nice name! You are left alone with your siblings (If you have any). What do you do? (Ex: Run away into forest, stay...ect.)
Try to play on my own, OR join another sibling and play wrestle or something.
It's your apprentice ceremony! Who is your mentor?
My mentor . . .hmmm  . . . how about Silverpaw? I am not feeling very inventive--COME ON BRAIN.
Great! What is your favorite kind of training? (Ex: Tree climbing, battle training...ect.)
Battle training! ;D
Oh no! Shadowclan is attacking! What do you do?
I go scout their position in secret, avoiding the leader's orders, and find out that they're leading a secret contingent about to attack the nursery.
Shadowclan has been defeated! Because of your bravery, you get to go to the Gathering tommorow at Moonhigh!

At the gathering, you see a cute cat from a different clan. S/He's from Riverclan and is an apprentice too. What do you do and what is her/his name?
Cute? As in, *attractive*? Well, I just wow him with me heroic story and that's that. He's enamored. *snickers* Nah, I'd probably just sit there and flop over from tiredness looking totally out of it and weird. :P
What a fun gathering! Now it's time for your warrior ceremony! What is your new name?
I. Can't. Remember. Sheesh, I know the leader's called "star" and that there're ranks by name, but on a lark because I can't remember I guess I'll call myself Snowtail. For a random name.
You meet a really nice cat in your clan that likes you. What is her/his name? Do you like her/him or that Riverclan cat?
It would depend on how the Riverclan cat responds. If he acts like a completely jealous freak and starts being all too defensive of me, it's off to my own clan I go!
You now have three kits! What are their names?
Guess something worked out after all, huh?
o Starpaw
o Sunpaw
o Riverpaw

That was fun!

If you happen to remember the Warriors series and want to broadcast they're clan alliances, go for it! :)

-----The Golden Eagle