06 June, 2010

Sheesh: Rain, Mars, and a NOTICE!

It's POURING. DRENCHING. RAINING LIKE THE DICKENS. The water's white out there! It's coming down in sheets! It's as dark as night time! It's stormy! It's noisy! There was lightning! And thunder!Everything's a brilliant emerald green!

Thankfully, we still have electricity. :P

Since the weather's been warm, I suppose this is the break in the hotter temperatures. But really, does it have to drown the town in rain? (Hey, that rhymed. LOL.) I guess that if I go for a walk I'm going to get wet. Which I don't mind; getting wet in the rain is a nice way to get wet. I especially love running in the rain. :)


Have you heard about the Mars 500 project? Astronauts are locked up in a chamber for 520, starting on last Thursday. 520 days of the same people, the same space, and there isn't even actual space to look at. *shudders* I'm not going to be an astronaut, I don't think. Too cramped. It would drive me up a wall, and in real space, there's isn't a backup man waiting to take my place.


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-----The Golden Eagle


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to be an astronaut either..*Shivers*
I had to do this MMU thing at Space camp and it FREAKED.ME.OUT. I was spinning around in all directions in this metal sphere THING. It scared me half to death! >w<;;

Milli said...

I'm doing a science project on Mars:D

Caroline said...

Ooo, but have you ever tried sword-fighting in the rain?xD

Well, we only use sticks, but to us it still counts...

The Golden Eagle said...

Sword fighting?!? NO! I must go try that!! :D

Anonymous said...

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