14 July, 2010

Bad Guys I'm Supposed to Hate but Don't, and Good Guys I'm Supposed to Like but Hate

Muahahaha . . .

Bad guys:

1. The Volturi from The Twilight Saga
2. Roman from The Immortals

Good guys:

1. Edward from The Twilight Saga
2. Damen from The Immortals
3. Edward from The Twilight Saga
4. Finnikin from Finnikin of the Rock
5. Did I mention Edward from The Twilight Saga?

Right. Let's tackle this list.

The Volturi keep the law going, folks! You need laws. And while The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner puts them in a bad light, in the original four books, I found nothing wrong with them. You can't have vampires running around causing havoc everywhere. And please, Bella, THINK. Your boyfriend is. Not. Normal. People don't try to kill themselves like that too often.

Two words: GO ROMAN! Really, I'm not a terrible fan about The Immortals Series, but I have NO patience  for Ever. She's rich, she's pretty, but she's weak. Really weak. I mean, guzzling vodka because she can't face her family's death? Please. That's dishonorable to her family. Roman, on the other hand, has a point that Damen abandoned him and the others that he created. Damen was a jerk. Roman is vengeful, but that makes him so interesting. Dynamic. Great to watch.

Edward. UGH. First of all, I wouldn't want to cuddle a piece of ice. Second of all, I wouldn't want someone  hungering after MY blood, and third of all, he's so . . . perfect. I need a flaw! Besides masochism.

Damen is strange. He convinces Ever to gamble, (gamble! Really, Damen?) become a truant, do a bunch of illegal things, and admits that he's still married. Okay, he's been married for 600 years or so, but still; he's been hunting this girl for nearly that long and he STILL is going after her? Please. And he's too . . . I don't know. I would not cling to him the way Ever does. (Though--*evil grin*--they can't cling to each other by the end of Blue Moon.)

Finnikin! *shakes head sadly* He's a mess. Selfish, etc., I don't like this guy. He doesn't treat Evanjalin very well at first, (though I like her about as much as I do him), and he does SO many things wrong it drives me nuts. He keeps making mistakes, and they seem to scream DON'T! from the beginning; he should have recognized those problems without help.

-----The Golden Eagle


Bridget said...

I laughed when you listed Edward. I agree with your points about him, but part of me still likes him/likes Bella and Edward as a couple. =p

I've never read the Immortal series, but they sound awesome. I'll have to look them up.


The Words Crafter said...

What I like about Edward is that he genuinely cares for Bella and has her best interests at heart, unlike so many guys that just want one thing. I agree, though. I wouldn't want to cuddle a block of ice and it's creepy the way he sneaks in to watch her sleep. I'm not familiar with the other characters, though. Interesting concept for a post, I might have to steal it for the future...

Adria said...

Oh I hate Edward! He's sooo perfect. He's also very creepy...girls seem to over look the fact that he's 108 years old and he snuck into Bella's house just to watch her sleep.

Creepy? Yes.

He's also really controlling...let Bella think for herself will you!!!

The Golden Eagle said...

Bridget: Bella needs a guy like him otherwise she wouldn't survive. :P

The Words Crafter: Yes, at least he does keep Bella in mind. Though I wonder what exactly he was thinking about pushing Jacob over the edge in Eclipse . . .

Adria: Creepy is definitely the word for some of the stalker-y things he does. Just because you're a silent vampire doesn't mean you should USE those abilities.

Jayden Black said...

Blach! Edward, I SPIT on him...
I SWEAR he's a creep! Who watches you in your sleep! I'm with Adria! I mean, seriously, and Bella and him are SO monotonous! it's not GOOD! Even in the book it's like, "Oh na nana...Bella I love you *make out* nananaaa....I love you Bella, but I can't make out again cuz I could kill you...nananaaa...."

John The Bookworm said...

Never read the Immortals series or Finnegan (though your review has me questioning whether I should EVER read that thing) but I can talk about Edward.

When I read Twilight, I had a crush on him. But once I got through it...I realized the truth. That he was a sparkly STALKER that was both predictable AND indecisive. Not to mention he seemed to get boring along with Bella. Like, majorly. -_- And his treatment of her showed the signs of an abusive relationship.

Yeah, there's a reason I converted to Jacob. Other than the abs.

The abs were still a big part.

Love the post. :)

laughingwolf said...

i know naught of which you write...

The Golden Eagle said...

Jayden: It IS monotonous. There's not enough action to break it up.

John: Have you seen Eclipse? Because I hear Jacob keeps his shirt off for a good part of it . . . glad you like the post!

Laughingwolf: Never read Twilight? You're not missing out on much . . .

laughingwolf said...

i thought as much ;) lol