21 July, 2010

Good Guys I Actually Like and Bad Guys I Genuinely Despise

You know that post, Bad Guys I'm Supposed to Hate but Don't, and Good Guys I'm Supposed to Like but Hate that I wrote a week ago? Well, I've decided to write a post on Good Guys I Actually Like and Bad Guys I Genuinely Despise. (Don't worry! I'll do a post like this for the girls, too, just not today.) There are plenty that fall into this category, but I'll just do the ones I can remember off the top of my head and from my bookshelf . . .

Good guys:

1. Jace Wayland
2. Seh
3. Matt Cruse
4. Kartik
5. Alec Lightwood
6. Eragon
(There are plenty more, but I'll stop here. :P)

Bad guys:

1. Tonglong
2. Galbatorix
3. Sauron
4. Valentine Morgenstern
5. King Leck
6. Capricorn


1. [From The Mortal Instruments] Hel-LO! Jace Wayland! Sarcastic, irritating, good-looking, excellent fighter, reckless, defies Valentine the master manipulator, manages to piss off everyone he goes near . . . what's not to like here? :D

2. [From The Five Ancestors] Have you ever read any of these books? Because whenever I ask people "Have you ever read The Five Ancestors?" they always go "Never heard of it" or some such thing. I LOVE THIS SERIES. True, there are some violent parts, (it's based on a kung-fu temple so there's going to be fighitng) but I love the characters and Seh is one of the best!

3. [From Airborn, Skybreaker, and Starclimber] Matt is awesome! And also good-looking. And strong-willed. And determined. And he cares about his family, travels in the sky, and has all kinds of crazy and exciting things happen to him. Mainly because of Kate, but really, the airship Aurora is amazing! (I love ships. Sea, air, space . . . I dunno why, but I do.)

4. [From The Gemma Doyle Trilogy] Kartik! Ah! Well, I have to say, in Rebel Angels he's not exactly a saint  *SPOILER* with the way he leads Gemma toward her death and binding the magic in the name of the Rakshana, but he's handsome, and he cares for her, and I like his attitude. Don't get me going on Simon Middelton. :P

5. [From The Mortal Instruments] Go, Alec! Really, he's a good character. And he's gay! Come on. How many fantasy books have gay characters? Alec can fight, he and Jace are good parabatai (in my opinion) even though he's not as suicidal as Jace is, and . . . well, he's quieter. I like quieter characters, although the occasional brazen guy is always good.

6. [From The Inheritance Cycle] Eragon is interesting. The only thing I don't like is that he has to fall in love with an ELF, an believe me, I get tired of the same plots being played over and over again. Aragorn and Arwen, anyone? But anyways, I do like Eragon on the whole. :)

Bad guys:

1. [From The Five Ancestors] GRRR, Tonglong! Don't kill the brothers! He's smart, calculating, and evil. Cold. Cruel. The perfect bad guy. I need to read Dragon before I explode with not knowing what happens!

2. [From The Lord of the Rings] Man, Sauron. Classic evil guy with a dark tower, evil intent, and a lust to control the world, and totally detestable. :P

3. [From The Inheritance Cycle] Same as above, though a little different in the form. Sauron is tied to the Ring, Galbatorix is not tied to anything except his dragon, and that by force. I want to see him fight! Actually, I want to see him fight and get hammered into the ground by Eragon and for him to lay off of Murtagh.

4. [From The Mortal Instruments] Valentine. *glares* Quit messing with the demon world, Valentine! And lay off your son. And Clary. And your former WIFE. Unfeeling, totally evil creep.

5. [From Graceling] Leck is awful! Cruel. Wicked. Manipulative. Horrible. You get the idea? He tortures animals, makes people think good things about him that aren't true at all, and I hate his attitude toward everything.

6. [From the Ink-Trilogy] Capricorn. I don't know why, but Capricorn SERIOUSLY GETS ON MY NERVES. He's just so . . . infuriating. He's not like Valentine, and he's not Sauron, but he's bad. I really, really want to punch him.

Note: I highly recommend all of the books on this list! They are all really good, and enjoyable reads.

You have any favorite good/bad guys?

-----The Golden Eagle


Jayden Black said...

I DESPISE Valentine!! With a passion! Jace is freaken bomb and so is Alec, but once I learned he was gay I never looked...well, read him the same way ever again! Alec is probably my favorite character in the Immortal Instruments series because he's willing to take one for the team, he's bomb, and...his personality is so freaken original! You don't find that kind of kid just ANYWHERE!

The Words Crafter said...

Yikes, I must be behind, I didn't recognize any of your good guys except Eragon (but I haven't read the book). The bad guys, I knew 3, 5, and 6. Capricorn makes me want to b**** slap him every few minutes...Sauron-yeah, bad dude. Leck-I read Graceling over a year ago and I barely remember him....there's a sequel coming out...
I like these posts. Bad guy I'm supposed to hate but actually love: Raistlin from Dragonlance series...

The Golden Eagle said...

Jayden: I know!

The Words Crafter: Fire is the title of the sequel to Graceling. I loved it. :)

I've never heard of the Dragonlance series . . .