16 July, 2010

Miscellany . . .

Otherwise known as random-things-I-want-to-post-about-that-don't-go-with-specialized-topics.

I recently got an email from the Carbon Neutral people (see the icon on my sidebar) and it said they still had some trees. Click the gadget and have them plant a tree in the name of your blog!

Carbon cycle of carbon neutral plant. Upper fi...Image via Wikipedia

People say the carbon/water/nitrogen cycle is boring, but I don't. :P


I have a question! Why are salad bowls made of wood? Typically? Because my mom was looking them up online and she found suggestions that you treat them with mineral oil and whatnot. And then you're supposed to put food on these things? HUH? I don't want to consume those chemicals, but a lot of people seem to do it. What's wrong with plastic/ceramic?


And here's a video of something that's pretty surprising:

I saw this on Ananka's Diary, and thought it was interesting.


Reminder: the caption contest ends today!

{Zemanta is giving me pictures of Christmas trees because I was typing about them above . . . they're making me long for winter and Christmastime. Did I ever tell you I LOVE Christmastime? Well, I do. Cold, snow, Christmas, good cheer, colorful lights, and my b-day all rolled into one month.}

Yeah, I think that's it. :)

-----The Golden Eagle
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laughingwolf said...


ceramic, glass [my choice] and stainless steel bowls and plates are ok, plastics may leach

The Golden Eagle said...