02 July, 2010

Zemanta Review

So, I put that Zemanta thing next to my post editor. Currently, it's just sitting there and not doing much, but it's supposed to give me links and resources as I type out subjects.

OK, after clicking the green "Update" it's now giving me images of itself. And of . . . Carrie Underwood?! I don't want to know about Underwood, folks. Now, come on. Be useful.

The People's Republic of China!

Bush talking to reporters, Oct. 24. Theremin Guitar Hero. Beep-it optical theremin in Boing Boing Bazaar. Remix: Coinstar circus. Handling difficult people--Procurement Asia. Cultivating your 'T-Don't' List.

I'll try something more specific.

Orca whales in Pacific!

Coimbra, Portugal Bruno Alves lines up before the National Anthems. Anamanaguchi vs. a dude playing a theremin. Cat plays Gakken theremin.

Let's try that again.

Scanning Tunneling Microscope! STM! Wikipedia! The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner!

Wikipedia as depicted in crunchbase. Mount Everest. A ghost terrorizing my children is one thing. Twitter Weekly Update for 2010-06-06. Carrie Underwood (AGAIN).

How To Teach Physics to Your Dog! PBS!

Carrie freakin' Underwood. American Idol. Mount Everest (AGAIN).

I am going to give Zemanta four days of trial use. THEN I'll see how things stand.

-----The Golden Eagle


Zemantic dreams said...


Andraz from Zemanta here.

Maybe the way Zemanta works needs some explanation. It looks at your blog post as a whole and tries to find images and related articles for it.

It does not look just into your last sentence. This means that throwing in bunch of unrelated topics makes it fail in identifying what the article is about as a whole and indeed the result are junk recommendations.

So, I'd suggest to test Zemanta out with a blog post on specific topic :)

Andraz Tori, cofounder at Zemanta

The Golden Eagle said...

OK, I tried Zemanta with a centralized post. It worked better than the jumbled stuff I put on this one, so thanks for the explanation/advice! :)

Zemantic dreams said...


We hope it will be able to help you as much as possible!