01 September, 2010

Did I Mention . . . That It's HOT?

Yes, it's hot. We may not be getting swiped by Earl, but we're getting hit by 90s (also known as lower 30s). I'm hot. And sweaty. And after going for a walk, I felt like melting into a puddle of . . . well, goo. *sinks down* But I suppose it's a sort of goodbye from summer . . . I can't believe summer's ENDING in only 22 days. Terminating. Finishing up. Concluding. Com--

Okay. I think you get the picture. But it is, and that's the important thing here.


I spent almost two hours on my math this morning. TWO HOURS. Usually I spend only around half and hour on my math schoolwork, but I had to finish a test in my trigonometry book, do pages in my algebra 2 textbook, and review chapters in another math book. I suppose it's a good thing I like math, eh? :P


Do you wear contacts? Yes? No? Maybe someday? Well, I started wearing a trial pair last Saturday. Apparently I have what's called astigmatism, (Say it. It's hard to pronounce.) and that requires special lenses and bigger discs. Don't ask me why. My mom has it too. (Although we're not related by genes or anything).

I have also discovered that contacts can be tricky to get in. Reflexes start screaming at you to BLINK and MOVE THE FINGER AWAY when you're basically pressing the lens against your eye, so you have to NOT blink and NOT move the finger away. Also, I have narrow eyes--thanks to being Asian--so I have to really open my eyes up.

But I like them better than glasses so far. I don't like the way the rim of glasses are so visible to me. Granted, I never did wear glasses a lot like some people do so maybe I never got around to adjusting, but I like contacts better.

So far. There could still be problems.


I'm finished reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! It's a hoot. It's wonderfully random and crazy and unpredictable (for me, anyway) and I'm now reading the second book in the series: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. I highly suggest you check out these books. (But don't drink the Pan Galactic Gargle-Blaster. :D)


I did a fair amount of writing last month--over 47000. That's my usual amount of type . . . but I feel like I got less done. Yes, I wrote two short stories/vignettes, a short 400-word thing-er that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with, and also more in my book, but I'm still stuck in this scene and I can't seem to move on! Driving me crazy. And I'm putting off writing the rest because I don't exactly know what they're supposed to do now. But I shall conquer this obstacle! Like the way I conquered outlining my story.

I actually did write what could pass as an outline. I made a chart in OneNote and filled in events on the chart, sort of like a timeline. I know what's supposed to happen next, and I know that they should say this and that, but for some reason I can't get it down in Word. Ah well. These things happen.


For those of you who are interested in what President Barack Obama had to say last night:

Go HERE for analysis.


About the poll I put up on the side of my blog:

7 of you said you wanted "More book stuff!"
3 people said: "Less book stuff!"
13 (wow, 13!) folks voted: "More about my life!"
0 votes went toward: "More news!"
6 people went: "Less political information!"
0 people concluded that: "This blog needs changes in ALL areas!"
3 voters championed: "Keeping this blog the way it is!"
11 chaps stated that they wanted: "More randomness!"
1 vote went toward: "Less randomness!"

Okay then. So, I started doing Teaser Tuesday for more book stuff, (I was thinking about this before I put up the poll) and that should satisfy the first point.

And I will post more about me. I guess. Maybe. If I feel like it. I know a lot of my posts are reviews, opinions, and memes . . . so okay. I'll mention myself a little more.

Ah. About the 6 votes for less political information. Well, I think I may throw in a few posts that include stuff about the government, politics, etc. because I think these are important things to include. You can always ignore them if you don't want to read such things . . .

This post is pretty random, right? I hope that will satiate the 11 people who wanted more randomness. :)

You know, even with Teaser Tuesday and some future stuff about your blog author here, this blog is going to be pretty similar to the way it was before. And that solves the issue with the 3 people who voted for keeping it the way it was.

One vote for less randomness. Well, there will be organized posts. They'll just be interspersed with posts like this one.

-----The Golden Eagle


Icewolf said...

Okay, Obama's eyes hold no emotion and even though his voice portrays plenty emphasis, I have to wonder if he is saying that from the heart or the brain.

I wear contacts!!! I have for about 3 years now and let me tell you it took me a month to get used to wearing them. But isn't it LIBERATING?! No more cleaning of the glasses, unless you have unidentified gunk in your eye, then that can get ugly.

Oops. Sorry for the long comment. Ah well, all bloggers love comments.

Elliot Grace said...

...I'm of a wait and see attitude regarding Obama's speech, as in, "Let's wait and see if anything actually comes of this."

"Hitchhikers" is indeed a fun read. I've always thought of it as a writer thinking waaaay outside the box, and coming up with an idea so original the publishers had no choice but to print the thing:)

Anonymous said...

I have contacts. I LOVE them! I've been wearing them for 2 years, and I can put them in without even looking in the mirror. That blinking reflex will go away soon. ;)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

i agree with everyone who said more randomness :) even though i didn't get a chance to take the poll.

Memzie said...

Great post, Golden Eagle!

I am wearing glasses at the moment. I have been thinking about switching to contacts but I haven't heard a lot of good things about them. Maybe I'll keep up with your updates on contacts and see if you like them.

Hitchhiker: I hated the movie but by the sound of it, the book is a lot better.

Congratulations on the amount of writing! That is truly amazing!
I hope the block ends soon.

I wasn't impressed by President Obama's speech. I agree with Elliot Grace. Lets what and see if he really does what he says.

The Golden Eagle said...

Icewolf: I dunno. I prefer a mixture of heart and brain, but as long as he doesn't do anything totally wrong . . .

It is VERY liberating.

I love long comments. :D

Elliot Grace: Yeah. And the waiting period will have to be pretty long since people have been talking about July 2011 . . .

I'm glad they did print the thing. :)

Shaynie: You do? Well, I suppose I'm not alone on this one, then.

Carrie: You'll be getting randomness! I've got a few ideas for posts that are pretty random.

Memzie: I like them so far . . . but I'll continue to post updates. :)

You hated the movie? I watched the trailer--it seemed pretty good, but I suppose it's only a fraction of what the rest of it's like. :P

Thank you! I hope it ends soon too.


laughingwolf said...

when you get stuck writing, ask your characters what THEY would do, you'd be surprised/thrilled at their answers!

Elana Johnson said...

47,000 words??? Are you kidding?? Wow, that is amazing. Sorry your math is taking so long, and I'm glad you get to wear contacts. I wore mine so much that I ruined my right eye. I have to wear glasses for life now. Le sigh.

The Golden Eagle said...

Laughingwolf: I've never tried that . . . well, at least not that much. More like "Gee, Esperanza. You're in a fix." :P

Thanks for the suggestion!

Elana: Ouch. Glasses for life don't sound like too much fun.