16 September, 2010

Random Levels of Verisimilitude

I always wondered why Mayday is the term people use when in danger. I just found out that it's actually the phonetic spelling of the French word m'aidez which means Help Me. It's the Englified version.

AHA! I had no idea that's what it came from before.


I suppose knowing the origins of Mayday is rather irrelevant since I probably (hopefully) won't be using it anytime soon, but I like learning little random facts . . .

You know those phrases that sometimes get stuck in your head so bad they just. Won't. Go. Away? Currently I'm trying to wrangle with an earworm that goes like this: "When in danger or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout!"

And, consequently, I am spontaneously half-coughing half-snorting because that is just so ridiculous. Also, TANSTAAFL is starting to work its way into my head. (I'm reading The Cat Who Walks Through Walls--that's what those phrases are from. The whole book is cracking me up. If there's one thing I find funny it's people getting thrown into improbable situations and trying to act reasonable.)


Why did I choose that title, you're wondering? Because I like the word "verisimilitude". It's a long, multi-syllable word and I love long, multi-syllable words. Perhaps the usage isn't quite right--well, ha! When it comes to blog titles, I'm open to occasionally bending the rules. Hey, it's not like the American Heritage Dictionary over there is going to attack me, right?

Eagle: OUCH!
AHD: That's what you get for not properly analyzing my definitions!
Eagle: FYI I probably use Wikipedia more than I do you! I even linked to Wikipedia! *turns to computer*

*cue sad, sorrowful music*

AHD: *sniffle* No one lo-o-oves me a-n-n-ymo-o-o-re! *sob*
Eagle: Hey. I loves you, Dictionary. I just wish you had words that are . . . more modern. Then I'd use you more.
AHD: I can't help that!
Eagle: I know.
AHD: Then why are you picking on me?! I'm traditional. I have character, even if I'm missing my spine and front cover!
Eagle: There, there.


Rain, rain, RAIN. I haven't gone outside today because of it. I don't mind rain or anything--it's just that I don't go outside just to soak it up . . . at least not when there is a huge, delicious, need-to-be-read TBR pile next to my bed. (Rhyme unintentional.) And 17 of them are due back on the 18th! I've barely read half! See what I've got to face here?!

Hehe. I'll get through 'em somehow. Even if I'm forced to speed-read and absorb less than I'd like to.


Tax cuts. Very testy subject these days but I'm going to address them anyways. (Shoot me an email with complaints if you want to by the time I'm done.) In my opinion, they should just let the Bush Tax Cuts expire. It's only a 4% hike, you know. And even if you and your spouse are making over 250,000 dollars a year and 4% adds up to the original 35%, it's actually fairly little compared to the total income. It's 10,000 dollars if you are making exactly 250,000 (unlikely) but still, it's only 4% more. For the top 2% of Americans. (You can't deny that! Very few make that much.)

And, actually, we need this money.

Before you say "This is because we're spending so much!"--hold! The debt has to go up before it can go down, you know. We may try to fix it and patch it as much as we like, but stimuluses are needed. Reform is needed. That costs money, and there's really no better time to fix things then here and now. Because when times are good, no one wants to fix it. "Why mess with a good thing" comes into play--even if the system totally doesn't work at the time since it's perceived as functioning adequately due to the good times.


My post is over. Have a good night!

-----The Golden Eagle


Kenzy said...

I like the word tergiversation. it's just fun to say! :D

The Golden Eagle said...

That is a cool word. :)