08 September, 2010

Peanuts Sep 07, 2010...

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Okay. I'm really not that nasty about it. But when the school bus drove up this morning and picked up the kids next door, I couldn't help but feel a little happy that I got to stay home while they started school. I inwardly did a little dance.

Because school does start today, officially. I started homeschool against back in July . . . but the district just started classes.


You know what gives me satisfaction? Burning my files that contain my writing onto a DVD-RW.

Whenever I write more onto a Word document, the KB number grows. It starts out at around 14 or so, then gets bigger . . . and bigger . . . and bigger . . . and BIGGER as time goes on. I love seeing that number tick up when I add more to the story. Right now, all of my files (each file is one part) for my main story are over 200 KB, and I usually write around 3 KB or so on average. Sometimes it makes larger jumps up to 10 though, when I confuzzle Word with new nouns that I made up. Spell Check seems to take up a lot of space.

Speaking of which, I had better go write some more. :)

-----The Golden Eagle
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Katie/Popular Joker said...

Haha! Charlie Brown does it again! lol
Wow. You write a lot!! Those are big files. Are you going to get your story publish? Or at least try to??

Adria said...

Haha! Nice comic :) I like to poke fun at my friends about school since I don't have to go.

The Words Crafter said...

I can't wait until I need to do some burning, congrats on your awesome progress! I just LOVE Snoopy and this was a funny one :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the comic!!! Snoopy is just too cute! :D

laughingwolf said...

snoopy rulez ;)

arlee bird said...

I couldn't help but go check my file for my WIP to see the KB count. I'm currently at 358 KB. I haven't written anything on it since last November sad to say, because I've been doing other things. I think I'll need another 30 KB to go to finish -- I've never thought of it in KBs before--that's kind of funny.

Tossing It Out

The Golden Eagle said...

Katie: I think about what it would be like trying to get published sometimes. Okay, maybe a little more often that that, LOL, but I haven't even finished a first draft yet. I'll have to see . . . but once I'm relatively done, I think I *might* just try. :)

Adria: :D We homeschoolers seem to have the advantage here.

The Words Crafter: Peanuts is the best!

Shaynie: Indeed! He's the cutest dog out there.

Laughingwolf: Exactly!

Arlee bird: Wow, only 30?! You're close. :)

Elana Johnson said...

I so want to be you. Except I teach school, so that would be bad if I didn't go... Good luck writing!

Jen said...

Snoppy is the best! Loved the comic!!!

I'd tease everyone who had to school especially when I didn't! I mean, why not!

The Golden Eagle said...

Elana: Maybe a home-teacher or something? Where the teacher stays home but the kids go to school? LOL.

Jen: Yeah, why not?! :D